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Business Consulting Strategies

We offer multiple consulting services:

  • Business Structure: We can help increase your bottom line by thoroughly looking at all aspects of your business and make recommendations based on that information.
  • Business Marketing: We look at your current marketing structure, use the latest marketing strategies to make recommendations, and, when needed, we can also help to implement them.
  • New Business: We can help to make sure your business is on the right track by covering information on the day-to-day business operations, marketing, profits, planning and much more. Plus, we have an unheard of special going on right now for a limited time for new business start-ups. See below:


Most of us have said this at one time or another about life or business: “If I only knew then what I know now, things sure could be much better now!” It is called experience; in business experience is “king”.

business-consultantYou and I both know that having your own successful business allows for an unlimited income potential. “But, there are rules to this “game of business”, and with any “game” in order to succeed, you need know the rules”. But, with business, the rules are always changing and not only will you have to learn the basics, but the new, latest strategies in order to succeed.

It is known that about half of all new business start-ups can fail within the first 5 years and about two thirds can fail in the first 10 years. With businesses being so fragile, you must do everything you can to succeed, and avoid failure at all cost! Failure can have a serious toll on you and your family.


 “Business Direction Solutions”


Below are just some of the basic and latest “rules,” tips and other information that we would cover, depending on your needs, to give you a much better chance to be successful and fulfill your dreams, now and in the future:

  • Get new customers to your business with multiple free and low cost marketing strategies for “your” business
  • Use offline direct marketing strategies that would apply to you needs
  • Show you the latest online strategies to brand your company, sell your products, market your business and yourself online the right way. We can teach you how to set up a website design the correct way, explain search engine optimization (SEO), social media, brand building, customer list building strategies and a lot more…
  • Learn about business taxes, sales tax & payroll taxes for the State of Minnesota
  • Learn when and what to do yourself, and when it is better to have someone else take care of a task for you
  • We will also show you how and where you can go to get these tasks done for as little cost as possible
  • Documents for future reference
  • Free ways to market your business
  • Answer any questions that you may have, and much more…


For a limited time we have an unheard of “special” pricing for new businesses that are just getting started.

Contact us today and set up your one-on-one, come to you appointment to locations in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN area to take advantage of this limited time offer. Call me and let`s talk! You will be glad you did!

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