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What is “Mobile Marketing”?

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Why is Mobile Marketing so Important for Your Business?

mobile marketing minneapolisWith the influx of mobile, now smart phones are the new smaller portable computer. Companies are realizing just how important mobile marketing has become and they are also realizing they are not ready for mobile marketing. Their doors are basically closed to mobile users and the sad part is that most do not even know it.

You can test this yourself to see if your website is “mobile” ready:

Go online with your mobile phone and search for a product or service you offer, in your area (without using your name). Can you find your company? If not, you need some search help (Click or tap Search engine optimization for more info). If you did find it, click on your company website link and look at these things.

1. Does it take a long time to load? If it completely loads in a couple seconds or less, that is a good start. There are a few variables to this, including mobile service type (3G, 4G, LTE etc…), speed, and how good is your signal strength (where you are at the moment).

If all of these are top of the line, it should be very fast load times. If it is slow to load (again keep these variables in mind), then you need to look into this right away. Most times there are simple reasons for this and it can be quickly fixed.

2. Once it does load, how does it look? Does it look like a big picture that is in a frame that is way too small? If so, you are in need of either a responsive site, or a mobile website added to your current one (click or tap Website Design for more information).

3. Is it easy to navigate around? Can a mobile phone user not only find what they are looking for, but also find your location, and contact information in about 15 – 20 seconds? If so, can they just “tap” your phone number to start a call, or if you are a local company (where people frequently come to you) can they “tap” on your address to pull up a map that shows them your location? If not, you could have lost them as well.

Further inspection of your website may be needed. It could be just adding some information and some coding to fix it. Keep this in mind, in most cases these are one time fixes.

Within the means of your specific niche, it is a must for any company to sure they are doing everything they can to make sure their website is as mobile friendly as possible.


There are so many new ways to market to mobile phone customers, and with the massive growth of this market it is an absolute must for any company to make sure they get in front of their eyes and attract these new mobile customers.


Mobile Marketing includes:

  • Mobile Website Design
  • Mobile Text Marketing
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Mobile QR Codes
  • Mobile Video
  • And more


The nice thing about mobile marketing is that it is “highly effective” with very little investment needed.


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