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What is “Social Media Marketing”?

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What is Social Media Marketing?

social media marketingSocial marketing has actually been around for a very long time. It is using social gatherings to mingle, get acquainted, and basically selling yourself and/or your products and services. With these “social gatherings” you can have direct one-on-one contact, and hopefully a person will like you, what you have to offer and share you and your products with their friends and customers.

In the past we did this with meetings, parties and other various means. Now, you can mingle with thousands of businesses and people without leaving your home or office. You can share your companies brand, products, or services via social media networking on computers, tablet and mobile phones. Share videos, ads, specials, coupons and much more on Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+® and many  more.

With Social Media Marketing, the idea is to take advantage of the various social networks to get your company`s information, products, and/or services in front of as many eyes as possible. You do this by producing and sharing content that is created in a way that show your products and/or services would help them to solve their problem(s) they may have.

If done properly, social marketing can spread the word about your business very fast and get your company in front of potential new and existing customer`s eyes all over online, and even what they call “offline” or “local direct marketing.” It can drive traffic to your company website, to help increase your customer leads and much more.


You can even target to specific customers.


What works best for you? Each business will have its own specific needs when it comes to online marketing. Are you a B2B, B2C, or maybe both? This and other factors will help to determine what the best path is for you to take with social media and online marketing.


There are lots of ways to accomplish Social Media Marketing. We can teach you how to do this yourself, help you, or even do everything for you if you would like.


Please feel free to contact us and let`s talk and start taking advantage to the “mostly free” social networks today! And if you are in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN area let`s get together.


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